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Car Accidents

Car Accidents.

You can Afford our legal services.

Following a car accident, you could be concerned about high medical costs, days or weeks of missed work, months of physical recovery, and of course the necessity for repairs on your vehicle. There is a lot to handle! However, Voto & Cavalli’ auto accident attorneys are prepared to assist. We have years of expertise taking on insurance companies and litigating cases to provide our clients the financial relief and peace of mind they require to restore their lives. 


You can afford to hire our attorneys. 

Every auto accident case we take on is handled on a contingency basis. This implies that we receive a portion of the damages you receive. We don’t get compensated if you lose. There are no additional expenses. So that you can concentrate on getting better after your injury and restoring your health, let Voto & Cavalli fight for you. 

The best Car Accidents Attorneys in town.

We judge cases on the evidence. 

We carefully consider all the circumstances surrounding your accident before accepting your case. We will examine any supporting documentation and thoroughly outline what you need to do in order to proceed with your claim. This thorough procedure encapsulates the strategy Voto & Cavalli employs in each case to give our clients the best opportunity to obtain compensation from those responsible for their accidents and injuries. 


You may still be able to recover damages even if you contributed in part to the disaster. 

The degree to which each participant contributed to the accident will impact the court’s decision. Even if your own actions contributed to the accident, our attorneys can still help you win partial compensation from other responsible parties. 

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