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Bicycle Accidents


You can afford a Bicycle Attorney...

New Jersey is becoming a state where more and more people ride bicycles. Bicyclists unfortunately confront significant risks every day as a result of sharing the road with cars and other motorized vehicles.

Voto & Cavalli can assist you in holding those liable for your injuries accountable for their deeds and provide your family with the resources necessary to fully heal from these trying circumstances if you or a loved one has been hurt in a bicycle accident. We have the knowledge to support you in winning your case since we have assisted thousands of personal injury clients throughout New Jersey. 

Voto & Cavalli has a wealth of expertise preparing for personal injury litigation. We have successfully recovered millions of dollars in damages for tens of thousands of clients, and we will draw on this knowledge to support the successful conclusion of your case. 

Providing consultation for personal injury claims.

We provide consultations for personal injury claims, allowing our lawyers to gather the evidence supporting your claim without pressuring you to make an immediate decision. Many accident victims are uncertain about how to begin and have many questions. We can provide you with the answers to these inquiries, review the evidence you may have on hand, and outline any additional steps you would need to do before submitting a claim. 

After you acquire our services, we will start gathering any relevant evidence, including police reports, medical records, and other documents. 

If your accident was caused by a poorly maintained street, we will check to see if the danger was recently reported to see if action was being taken. 

If necessary, your attorney will collaborate with impartial specialists to recreate the accident. Additionally, we will assist you in dealing with claims adjusters hired by your insurer, who will do all in their power to reduce the amount of money they pay out for injury claims.